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Why a Used Honda Accord Might Be Right for Teenage Driver in Exeter, CA

Are you thinking about buying a car for your teenager? Or maybe they are saving to buy one themselves? Either way, you will want to help your teen pick out a car that is safe, reliable, and fun to drive – plus, you don’t want it to cost a fortune. If you’re in this situation, consider a used Honda Accord from an Exeter, CA, car dealership. These are great cars that will last your teen for years to come. Since they are so safe, you won’t even have to worry while your teen is on the road. It’s just a great car all around.

Not Too Big

While some people in Exeter, CA, think it’s better for new drivers to have bigger cars for safety, larger vehicles aren’t always the safest option; that’s because they are harder to drive. New drivers can have a hard time backing up in a larger vehicle, but with a smaller car like an Accord, you don’t have to worry about the height or size of the vehicle causing any problems. The Accord’s small frame makes it easy to drive – even for teens who have just passed their driving tests.

Won’t Guzzle Gas

Since the Honda Accord is a smaller vehicle, you can expect decent fuel efficiency. While the exact stats depend on the model year you choose, you can be confident that any Accord will get great gas mileage. For teens who don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on gas every week, this is a great option; it can help them save money for their futures. Plus, it will teach them to do their part to make good choices for the environment.

Affordably Priced

Most teens and their parents don’t have that much money to spend on a new car. That’s why opting for a used Honda Accord is a smart idea. It’s less expensive than a new car, and your teen will be able to afford to fix the car if he or she gets into an accident. Additionally, if you purchase the car from a reputable dealership, you shouldn’t have to worry about the car not being reliable.

These are all reasons why a Honda Accord could be right for your teen. Come to Selma Honda to check out our whole selection of used vehicles.

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